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Zoning Regulations
Zoning Regulations
The City of Abilene has adopted and enforces a full range of development regulations including zoning, subdivision, improvement standards and other development related regulations. These regulations are the most commonly used devices to implement the Comprehensive Plan. 

Zoning regulations divide the community into districts, or zones, and regulates the land use in each district. Regulations for each district include specifying the permitted uses of land and buildings, the intensity or density of such uses, and the size of buildings on the land. 

Subdivision regulations govern both the division of land into two more more lots, parcels, or sites for building and the location, design, and installation of supporting infrastructure.

Together, these regulations ensure that: 1) future land use patterns incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan are achieved; 2) existing land uses are protected from incompatible land uses; 3) development is adequately served by public infrastructure; 4) and development is directed away from environmentally sensitive areas, such as floodplains and wetlands. 

Zoning Ordinance
Abilene's Zoning Ordinance full viewable document (link)

Abilene's Zoning Ordinance is downloadable by section below.
Cover Sheet
Table of Contents
Article 1 - Title and Purpose
Article 2 - Rules, Interpretations and Definitions
Article 3 - Districts and Boundaries
Article 4 - Intent of Districts 
Article 5 - Agricultural District (A)
Article 6 - Residential Zones Districts (R-1; R-3)
Article 7 - Countryside District (CS)
Article 8 - Public Use District (P)
Article 9 - Commercial Zoned Districts (C-1: C-4)
Article 10 - Central Business District (C-4)
Article 11 - Manufactured Housing Subdivision District (MHS)
Article 12 - Elderly Housing Overlay District (EH-O)
Article 13 - Manufactured Housing Park District (MHP)
Article 14 - Housing Opportunity Overlay District (HO-O)
Article 15 - Industrial Districts (I-1: I-2)
Article 16 - Planned Unit Development Overlay District (PUD-O)
Article 17 - Gateway Landscaping Overlay District (GL-O) (Pending)
Article 18 - Mixed Use District (MU)
Article 19 - Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Article 20 - Supplemental District Regulations
Article 21 - Nonconformancies
Article 22 - Off Street Parking, Loading and Unloading Regulations
Article 23 - Airport Overlay District (AP-O)
Article 24 - Telecommunications Towers
Article 25 - Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Zoning Administrator
                   and Administrative Variances
Article 26 - Amendment Procedures
Article 27 - Signs Regulations 
Article 28 - Floodplain Management Overlay District (FP-O)
Article 29 - Historic Conservation Overlay District (HC-O)
Article 30 - Enforcement Violation & Penalty

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