Map of the parks in Abilene

1 - ABILENE COMMUNITY CENTER - Volleyball and basketball courts and an indoor walking area are available.  The Community Center and multi-purpose room are available for rent.  Contact the Parks and Recreation Office for more information.  

2 - NORTH DIAMOND COMPLEX (DIAMONDS #1 & #2) - These two fields are used for youth baseball and softball games and tournaments.

3 - BILL GRAVETTE SPORTS COMPLEX (DIAMONDS #3, #4, #5, & #6) -   Fields #3 and #4 are home to the Abilene High School softball team.

5 - FIELD  #7 - Home to the Abilene Baseball Club and Abilene High School baseball team.

6 - EISENHOWER ROSE GARDEN - Located in Eisenhower Park.  Stop and smell the roses during the spring and summer or enjoy the wonderful array of autumn colors in the fall.  The Rose Garden is a relaxing atmosphere for anyone.  Persons who are interested in requesting the use of the Rose Garden for special occasions or weddings should call the Parks and Recreation office.  This is a first-come, first-serve basis.  For lost and found items please contact the Parks &  Recreation office.

 7 - EISENHOWER PARK - The main entrance is located at Northwest 4th and Pine Street.  This park was developed as a W. P. A. Project and was entered in the National Register of Historic Place on June 6, 2002.  It contains the following sports facilities:  Bill Gravette Softball Complex, Ted Power Baseball Diamond, the Skate Park, lighted sand volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts.  As well as the walking trail that was opened the Fall of 2007 it is 5/8 of a mile and resides in the Eisenhower Park and the Rose Garden. The public rest rooms are open from late March to late October, weather dependent.  This lovely shaded park is ideal for large picnics, reunions, or special events.  Enjoy our large park shelter located on the south side of the park next to the basketball courts.  Check out the pictures and share your stories

9 - ABILENE MUNICIPAL POOL - Located on the east side of Eisenhower Park.  

14 - BICENTENNIAL PARK - Located north of the Abilene High School on Mulberry Street.  This quiet park is great for family reunions and birthday parties.  It consists of picnic tables, basketball court, playground equipment, and rest room facilities.  Two shelter houses are available for your enjoyment. 

13 - LITTLE IKE PARK -  Visit the statue of IKE, as a boy.  Enjoy the picnic tables, and benches in the heart of downtown Historic Abilene in the completely renovated park.  Renovated 2019