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Fire Prevention/Inspection

The Abilene Fire Department conducts business inspections for all of the businesses in the City.  The City of Abilene and the Abilene Fire Department have adopted the 2009 International Fire Code for fire prevention inspections.

The Department inspection jurisdiction includes, but is not limited to, all businesses and childcare facilities within City limits.

The following list are some of the items that the Department will look for during an inspection, this list is not all inclusive.

  • Accumulation of rubbish, trash, paper or boxes
  • Electrical covers missing, circuit breakers taped open
  • Emergency lighting missing or inoperable
  • Exits locked, blocked or obstructed
  • Fire Extinguishers blocked
  • Fire Extinguishers serviced annually
  • Hood and duct system greasy or filters missing
  • Storage of combustibles too close to sprinkler heads

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